Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Justine's Capture, Chapter Two by Alexia Purdy and Emily Walker

Who was that chick talking to her Mr. Powell? There was no way the new girl who’d been drooling over Justine’s teacher had anything on her. No, this chica, Ms. Justine Cinna, was much more built, blessed in womanly curves and sharp good looks, and clearly a year ahead of the new girl. But to see another newbie drooling over her future husband was one too many now on the first day of school.
“Outta the way, ceviche,” Justine hissed at the girl, whose blue eyes widened as Justine shoved her way to the table to check in. She gracefully plucked the pen from Blair’s fingers, threw her a condescending smirk and then proceeded to check mark her name on the pages laid before the teachers to check in students. Once she signed in, she distastefully held the pen out for Blair.
“I’m Justine by the way. I see that you’re new here and I’ll try to tolerate your ignorance for as long as I can, but get this straight, ceviche,” Blair wondered what the hell ceviche meant. “I own this place. No talking to the professors without stated permissions from me. Got it, freshie?” She again offered the pen to Blair, and the poor girl actually reached for it, missing the slim pen as Justine let it slip out of her perfectly manicured fingers to bounce off the concrete floor.
“Oops, my bad. Must be my writer’s cramp acting up again.” Justine smirked and then threw her long black hair back, pivoting as she left the table, but not before throwing a flirty wave to Mr. Powell. “Hi, Mr. Powell.” Her voice was a sickening sweet breath that made Blair furious. How one student with so few words could misalign Blair’s day was incomprehensible. She’d have to avoid this particular hepher if she was to survive becoming a Siren.
The teacher, Mr. Powell, had been so engaged in the conversation with Ms. Scarlet, he’d miss the entire exchange between the two students. He lifted his hand and gave her a small wave of acknowledgment before turning back to Ms. Scarlet. Blair swore she could see a tinge of resentment in Justine’s eyes toward the female colleague of this gorgeous man as she walked away, but Blair didn’t care.  Justine obviously wasn’t to be trifled with. Blair sighed and picked up the pen, quickly finding her name on the mass of sign up sheets across the table before jetting out of there as fast as she could.
Justine watched the new girl from a ways, studying her like a science experiment. This one was different from the other newbies floating about, confused and looking like they might pee their panties. Being a Siren took skills, and Justine just about mastered most of them after only one year at the academy. She could do everything but some of the final abilities which only came with maturity. Something inside told her this new girl would be a problem. How she knew that or how the new girl would end up being an issue, she wasn’t sure. She intended to find out and put an end to this threat immediately.
Justine was ruler of School for Sirens, and every freshie would know about it sooner or later. It was either submit to her rule, or be made a very unappetizing example of insubordination.
She couldn’t wait to try it on Blair.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Justine's Capture, Chapter One by Alexia Purdy and Emily Walker

As the wind whipped it around and caused it to slap against her face, Blair pushed the offending hair over her shoulder. Her favorite lip gloss caught a few strands and left a slightly sticky residue. Tears threatened to fall down her cheeks as she recalled her conversation with her parents. A siren! She was a siren, and adopted! These two bombshells at once were too much for her. How could they not understand the trauma they had caused?
Daddy set across from her wringing his hands while Mama paced around the room. She knew something was up because they both looked nervous. Studying her Dad’s features, she took in the dark black hair, green eyes, and chiseled features. He could have been a movie star, her mother on the other hand was the opposite, with her frizzy red hair and freckles she always looked like she had gotten ready in a hurry.
Blair had gorgeous brown hair that fell well below her shoulders, eyes her father called ocean blue, and the perfect figure for an eighteen-year-old girl. Her birthday had just passed and she was feeling very adult. Her parents worry had brought her right back down to feeling like a nervous little kid.
“We have a couple of things to tell you kiddo, and you probably aren’t going to be too happy with us. You might even be confused, but just hear us out.”
“Okay.” Blair didn’t feel confident at all about the conversation that was about to happen.
“When you were very small, your mother was killed. No one ever found out what had happened to her, or at least they didn’t tell us. A young man brought you to us and told me he remembered me from being in my class when he was young.” Her mother was a teacher, fourth grade, but she wasn’t making a bit of sense to Blair.
“Are you telling me you’re dead?” Blair looked to her dad for some kind of explanation. He just slowly shook his head.
“No sweetie,” mom looked pained as she said the next words, “I’m saying we aren’t your real parents. We adopted you.” Pausing to let that sink in her mother finally quit pacing the floor.
“What!” Blair started to get up from the table but her mother put her hands on both shoulders making her sit back down. “That’s not all, just listen so we can get this all out.”
Blair could tell her mother was holding back tears, she knew she had never really fit in with her family, but this was the last thing she expected to care.
“The young man told us when you turned eighteen you would come into your powers, and would have to go to a special school to learn how to control them.” Blair started laughing and leaned on the table.
“Good one mom, you had me going for a minute there.” Her mom wasn’t laughing, and neither was her dad. What the hell was going on around here?
“It’s true sweetheart.” Now dad was getting involved, it wasn’t feeling like a joke anymore. “You are a Siren.” Her dad had tried to grab her hand, but she wouldn’t let him.
The freak out that happened after those words fell from his mouth were not something she wanted to relive right now. Things had been thrown, sobs had been released, there might have been some I hate you both for not telling me, and I won’t go was screamed more than once, but here she was on her first day of freak school.
The tall building loomed over her as she walked slowly towards the large front doors. The building was made of stone, but the door was bright red. Walking into the building was like a shift into Barbie Land. This was the locker area, and all Blair saw everywhere was glitter. The lockers were pink and the few that were open had entire vanities inside.
As she looked around at all the pink lockers girls were primping, putting on lipstick, curling their hair, and spraying themselves with perfume. What were they getting pretty for? This was a school full of girls. Looking around Blair immediately felt like she should have dressed up as she looked at all the designer dresses and girl’s faces full of makeup. Looking down at her Levi’s and the shirt she had been so proud of finding at Belk’s with the crisscross straps in the back and the sequins along the collar, she knew she would need some more clothes.
The first thing she had to do was check in with the teacher’s table, that was the first thing on a list of long instructions including meeting her roommate and visiting the powder room. Yes, they put that on the first day agenda.
Approaching the table trying to push her appearance and the many girls that she felt were staring at her, she held her slip out to the teacher in front of her.
His nametag said Mr. Powell. His eyes said ‘I am all you have ever been looking for, say the word and I’m yours.’ Yep it was official Blair was losing her mind. He was the best-looking man she had seen in her short eighteen years. His eyes were so blue she thought she could see ocean waves in them, and his hair was dirty blond as if he spent all his time in the sun. The same could be said for his dark tan and muscular build. Sitting she couldn’t see all of him, but it didn’t matter, she was smitten with this man, and the nametag screamed out that he was probably her teacher.
“Lucas, you’re so funny,” A blonde teacher with a nametag that read Ms. Scarlet, really, was touching her man’s arm. Lucas, what a first name, Mrs. Blair Lucas Powell. What the hell was wrong with her? Did she eat angel dust with her cereal that morning? She didn’t get all mushy and sappy over men. Realizing she had just been standing in front of the table with her mouth open, and that both teachers were now staring at her, she approached him holding out her enrollment papers.
“A male teacher for Sirens,” the words slipped out without a thought, and the glare Ms. Scarlet gave her made her wish she could pull the words right back in.