Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Justine's Capture, Chapter Two by Alexia Purdy and Emily Walker

Who was that chick talking to her Mr. Powell? There was no way the new girl who’d been drooling over Justine’s teacher had anything on her. No, this chica, Ms. Justine Cinna, was much more built, blessed in womanly curves and sharp good looks, and clearly a year ahead of the new girl. But to see another newbie drooling over her future husband was one too many now on the first day of school.
“Outta the way, ceviche,” Justine hissed at the girl, whose blue eyes widened as Justine shoved her way to the table to check in. She gracefully plucked the pen from Blair’s fingers, threw her a condescending smirk and then proceeded to check mark her name on the pages laid before the teachers to check in students. Once she signed in, she distastefully held the pen out for Blair.
“I’m Justine by the way. I see that you’re new here and I’ll try to tolerate your ignorance for as long as I can, but get this straight, ceviche,” Blair wondered what the hell ceviche meant. “I own this place. No talking to the professors without stated permissions from me. Got it, freshie?” She again offered the pen to Blair, and the poor girl actually reached for it, missing the slim pen as Justine let it slip out of her perfectly manicured fingers to bounce off the concrete floor.
“Oops, my bad. Must be my writer’s cramp acting up again.” Justine smirked and then threw her long black hair back, pivoting as she left the table, but not before throwing a flirty wave to Mr. Powell. “Hi, Mr. Powell.” Her voice was a sickening sweet breath that made Blair furious. How one student with so few words could misalign Blair’s day was incomprehensible. She’d have to avoid this particular hepher if she was to survive becoming a Siren.
The teacher, Mr. Powell, had been so engaged in the conversation with Ms. Scarlet, he’d miss the entire exchange between the two students. He lifted his hand and gave her a small wave of acknowledgment before turning back to Ms. Scarlet. Blair swore she could see a tinge of resentment in Justine’s eyes toward the female colleague of this gorgeous man as she walked away, but Blair didn’t care.  Justine obviously wasn’t to be trifled with. Blair sighed and picked up the pen, quickly finding her name on the mass of sign up sheets across the table before jetting out of there as fast as she could.
Justine watched the new girl from a ways, studying her like a science experiment. This one was different from the other newbies floating about, confused and looking like they might pee their panties. Being a Siren took skills, and Justine just about mastered most of them after only one year at the academy. She could do everything but some of the final abilities which only came with maturity. Something inside told her this new girl would be a problem. How she knew that or how the new girl would end up being an issue, she wasn’t sure. She intended to find out and put an end to this threat immediately.
Justine was ruler of School for Sirens, and every freshie would know about it sooner or later. It was either submit to her rule, or be made a very unappetizing example of insubordination.
She couldn’t wait to try it on Blair.

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