Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Justine's Capture, Chapter Three by Alexia Purdy and Emily Walker

Good job Blair, she thought to herself as she climbed the five hundred stairs to her first class, you already made an enemy

There were signs on the walls beside the stairs that said to keep going and burn calories. That must be why their classes were so far apart. Each class alternated being on the top floor and the bottom floor of the building. She wondered what was in between on those floors. 

Her agenda said Mesmerizing 101 sandwiched between a trip to the powder room and Beginning Mild Control. These were classes she was taking now? What ever happened to Algebra or History? College was going to be a lot different than she thought it was going to be. At least her new blonde bestie wouldn’t be in this class, she was pretty sure from her overall demeanor that the bully was an upperclassman. Here she thought bullies were a thing for high schoolers to deal with. 

Mesmerizing was taught by a tiny red headed woman who currently sat atop her desk with her legs beneath her staring at the wall in the back of the room. Blair took a seat and put her book bag beneath her desk. The other girls trickling in had purses instead of book bags and most of them wore skirts and tight shirts. If these girls were just finding out what they were like she did, then how did they get the dress like sluts memo? 

Once the classroom was full of chattering girls that already seemed to know one another the red head floated up from the desk and moved behind it to write on the board. 

She wrote Angel Blossom and pointed to it with the chalk. 

"This is the name I am choosing to go by this semester." Blair looked around to see if anyone else thought this was strange, but they just stared ahead. AB, as Blair decided to call her wrote the word mesmerize really big beneath her name on the board. 

She walked back around to the front of the desk and leaned against it. Her dress settled around her feet pooling over her shoes. It was thin enough to see through and the straps were very thin. The body hugging dress would have given Mrs. Pointer, her Home Room teacher, a heart attack. 

"Mesmerize has a few different meanings. It can mean to transfix someone, hold their attention, enchant, or hypnotize." She moved away from the desk and started walking in between the student’s desks leaning into each girl as she spoke.

"You will dazzle, bewitch, charm, and captivate." She yelled each word as she spun around talking to every girl. Blair begin to feel transfixed, she couldn't look away from the woman. Every part of her told her if she even blinked something bad would happen. Angel Blossom suddenly turned around and the feeling was gone. She looked around at all the blinking girls as the little red head made her way back to the front of the room.

"How did you do that?" A shorter girl in the front with pig tails and a tight blue dress asked her.

"Mesmerize, enchant, fascinate, grip, bewitch.  That’s how you felt and that was just a little bit of what you will be capable of when you reach full potential. I am sorry to transfix you girls like that, but the only way to really show you is to show you. Imagine the ability Sirens have over men if they can look at them and make them want to turn over all their worldly possessions. That’s why you come here, to learn to control it.

“What if we want a man to worship us?” Another girl in the front spoke up this time. She had long brunette hair and wore a crop top with a long skirt.

“Then that is abusing your powers my dear and highly frowned upon. We want you to learn how to control your powers and be a normal citizen of this great country.”

“I thought we came here to learn how to use our powers.” The girl with the pigtails was talking again. 

“This is kind of a rip off if you ask me lady. What are my parents paying you for?”

The girl stopped talking and stood from her desk to go stand in the corner. Blair assumed the teacher had mesmerized her again but no one acknowledged it. The rest of the class went by with Angel Blossom giving a little bit of the history of the Siren and talked about all the things that went wrong when one abused her powers. 

Blair headed down the stairs to her powder room break thinking about all the horrible things Sirens had done over time. She really had to pee and it would be good to do something normal even if that was just using the bathroom. When she reached the powder room however, there weren’t any toilets. There were floor to ceiling mirrors, robes, and scales. 

“Where do you pee?” She asked herself but a girl walking in behind her said, “The bathrooms are outside the front door on your right. There’s going to be a really long line between classes so you should hurry.”

Normal bathrooms in normal places would be too much to ask for. Blair sighed, this was going to be a very long day.

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