Monday, July 11, 2016

Justine's Capture, Chapter Six by Alexia Purdy and Emily Walker

Chapter 6

Justine frowned as she took the steps two at a time. The freshie girl was stuck in ISD and now she had no one to take the fault on what she was planning to do next. Mr. Robinson had passed her by earlier and eyed her with a grin that made her want to strut her stuff and shake her butt all of a sudden. So she did that all the time, but this time she hadn’t thought of doing it after almost getting caught smoking during class by him.

She wondered if the unplanned sashay had anything to do with Mr. Robinson. Maybe he had some kind of male sire magic to him. He was here, wasn’t he? How did he make it through a day without getting tripped up by a siren? Any man could fall over his feet over such females of great manipulative powers. He had to have some sort of protective charm on him or immunity to sirens to even work here.

He was the only man who worked here. That had to say something. It rose her suspicions tenfold and an idea popped into her head that brought back the wicked smile she constantly had pasted on her face.

Mr. Robinson was going to be a fun project.

Once he disappeared around the corner, Justine felt the unexplainable urge to strut her stuff wear off. She sucked in a breath, feeling dizzy and diaphoretic. Almost sick. This was odd. She never felt the effects of charms or anything other than what her teachers exposed her to. This wasn’t that. It felt like something had hit her like a freight train and smashed into her. She leaned against the wall waiting for the nausea to subside.

The class going on behind the door she was next to and she happened to peer into it finding Blair still pressed against the wall, unable to move.

“Freshie meat. You might have to wait.” Justine shook her head as she moved and noticed it was a class being punished with ISD. How had Blair ended up in there? That freshie was a squeaky clean goodie two shoes if she’d ever seen one. The girl could do no wrong. Justine knew the type. She’d corrupted many girls like Blair and gotten them stuck in ISD more times than she had fingers. Blair wasn’t even under her control yet and she had found herself in there? Something was up.

“Ha, ha. That’s right. You’re stuck in there until the bell rings.” Justine waved and winked to the girl again through the window, throwing Blair her best rubbing salt in the wound smirk she could muster. At least she was already feeling better. 

Hearing footsteps behind her, Justine bolted from the doorway and headed toward the powder room. If there was one place no one would dare tell her not to be, it was the powder room. This day had lasted an oblivion and she was ready to hightail it out of this prison-like institution. She’d done her time here. Two years was enough to be a fully trained siren. The third year was more like finishing school for failures. Like for girls like Blair who needed a dose or two of refinement. Lord knew Blair was almost beyond repair. She reeked of nerd girl without a clue.

Justine, on the other hand, was a debutante. Born and raised in mansions and flying across the world to attend the fanciest of parties more than attending school. She’d eaten the finest foods, worn the most expensive brands of clothing, gone to all the hip parties before she’d turned eighteen. Then…that’s when it all went to hell.

She’d been sent here, to the School of Sirens. Apparently, her adoptive parents had failed to let her know that when she came of age, this would be her destiny as the offspring of a siren. Blasted parental units had ruined her life but it was of no consequence. Here, she reigned supreme and had successfully rose through the pathetic ranks of other sirens to rule at the top. Once she graduated, it was back home for more partying and shopping galore. This was merely a side trip, the scenic route for her to adjust to her Siren powers. Now that she had “adjusted” enough, each day was a major bore and it was unbearable torture to put up with her last months here.

She’d get herself out of here as fast as possible the moment she was released from this godforsaken place. Then she could resume her fabulous life and leave the pathetic people to their vices. She had her own stuff to get in to.

But first. There was plenty of time for shenanigans before responsibility took hold and that’s exactly what she was planning to do. Especially since her new target, Blair, was just about to come out of ISD; the period bell was about to ring. She had to grab her, befriend her, and corrupt her to all hell before week’s end. This would be incredibly fun and exciting. She hadn’t had such a fascinating target since, oh, since that one dreadful redheaded girl who couldn’t stop tripping on air had turned out to be a failed protégé. Not everyone was built to be perfected. Not everyone worked out in the end with Justine’s dose of refinement. 

When the redhead dumped her entire lunch on Justine’s new skirt, that was the end of that venture. She belittled the redhead until the girl literally looked one-foot-tall and she ran out of the lunchroom bawling her eyes out.

Justine smiled wickedly to herself. Nothing gave her more satisfaction than squishing newcomers down to a sullen mash to feel her superiority. It was great fun and she wasn’t planning on stopping any time soon.

But, she needed someone a bit sturdier to torture especially since Mr. Robinson was part of the plan now, too. Everything was falling into place nicely and as the rush of students poured out of the classrooms to the last class of the day, Justine kept her eyes peeled for her new victim. Blair had no idea what was about to hit her.

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